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We were looking at a blog recently and found these brilliant images of our Paul Smith London 2012 Olympic Games stamps taken by amateur photographer Andrew Stevenson.The background of a Paul Smith shopping bag which the stamps rest against really heightens their colours. If you like what you see, please do check out Andrew’s Flickr account HERE.

London 2012 Olympic Games Paul Smith Stamps

London 2012 Olympic Games Paul Smith StampsLondon 2012 Olympic Games Paul Smith StampsLondon Olympic Games Paul Smith StampsLondon 2012 Olympic Games Paul Smith StampsLondon 2012 Olympic Games Stamps Paul Smith

Adam Wright

Adam Wright with Poster
We recently interviewed Isle of Man based Adam Wright, who was asked to help out at the Archery events at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Please see the interview below:
IOM Stamps: How did you get involved in with the London 2012 Olympics? 
Adam Wright: Steven Taylor who is an Archery Coach in the UK was putting together a team of young games makers for the archery event to carry arrows from the targets back to the archers. Steven Taylor then contacted the Isle of Man Archery Club and asked if they had anyone between ages 16 and 18 who would be able to go to London and Peter and Joy at the archery club asked me if I wanted to do it and I said I could so they put my name down and I was chosen to take part in the Olympics.

IOM Stamps: What was the experience like?

Adam Wright: The experience was very good to see all of the world class archers and the sort of equipment they used and a stadium full of people all very excited about watching the shooting.

IOM Stamps: How did it feel to be part of the event?

Adam Wright: It was exciting to be part of such a massive event and it was an experience that I will never forget as I was very proud to take part.

IOM Stamps: What did you enjoy most?

Adam Wright: The thing that I enjoyed the most was getting to see the archers shoot and being part of the atmosphere in Lord’s

IOM Stamps: Would you volunteer again?

Adam Wright: I would volunteer again as it was a great experience and I was very proud to be part of it.Adam Wright detailsMy age: 16MY interest in archery: shooting at the Isle of Man Archery Club

Bee Fauna Launch

Bee With Stamps

Isle of Man Post Office officially launched its Bee Fauna of the Isle of Man stamps at the Beehive Kindergarten, Onchan on August 8.

Bee Fauna Launch

Bee Fauna Launch

The children were very excited to be a part of this special and really enjoyed looking at and smelling the honey-scented stamps. They also enjoyed cuddles from the big cuddly bee which was worn by a representative of the Manx Wildlife Trust. Time was spent listening to a short talk about the importance of bees in our everyday environment by Dan of the Isle of Man Beekeepers Association.

Bee Fauna Launch

A great time was had by all.

Bee Fauna Of The Isle Of Man

Bee Fauna Of The Isle Of Man

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The Isle of Man Post Office is pleased to present this beautiful stamp issue dedicated to one of our most popular and beloved insects and recognising its crucial role in the life cycle of the natural world.

Apart from the honeybee, the Isle of Man is home to approximately 15 species of bumblebee and 57 species of solitary bee. To put this into perspective, currently there are known to be 24 species of bumblebees and over 200 solitary bee species recorded from the British Isles. On the Island these bees can be found foraging from flowers on our mountain moorlands where the lovely Bilberry Bumblebee, amongst several other bee species, can be found visiting bilberry and heather flowers, right down to the Island’s coastal fringes where a number of bees make a living on the Ayres and the soft cliffs of Ramsey Bay for example.

Most of us will be familiar with some of the various species of bumblebees that visit our garden flower beds, but the solitary bees will be less familiar and it may be only when they are nesting in our lawns or flower beds that we may notice them. They are called solitary because, unlike the honey and bumble bees, there is no worker caste and they do not live in colonies although they can form large nesting aggregations such as those of Colletes succinctus.

Bee Fauna Of The Isle Of Man - First Day Cover

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Other solitary bees, known as cuckoo bees, forgo the labour of building and provisioning their own nests but sneak their eggs into the nests of other bees and where they develop and eliminate their competition for the nest’s provisions. The silver and white Epeolus variegatus is one such cuckoo bee which can be found on the Ayres where it takes advantage of the efforts of bees such as species of the genus Colletes.

On the Isle of Man there are in the region of 120 beekeepers with varying numbers of colonies, 100 of them are fully paid-up Members of the IOM Beekeepers Federation affiliated to the BBKA, comprising of three districts. It is estimated that there are at least 400 colonies kept by these beekeepers or the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

Bee Fauna Of The Isle Of Man - Presentation Pack

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These images are so life-like you can almost smell the honey as this issue is made extra special printed on honey-scented paper.
Please visit our website at to find out more about the Bee Fauna of the Isle of Man collection of stamps and products and to pre-order.

Peter Kennaugh Returns Home After Olympic Glory!

Peter Kennaugh Olympic Glory

We couldn’t be any prouder! Click on the image to see the the MT TV Video article!


IOMPO Olympics Peter Kennaugh

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In celebration of Peter Kennaugh’s gold medal win at the London 2012 Olympic Games, the post box at Onchan Post Office will be transformed into gold over the weekend to recognise his outstanding achievement.

Manx-born Peter Kennaugh, along with team mates Edward Clancy, Geraint Thomas and Steven Burke, won the gold medal in the Men’s Team Pursuit Race this evening (Friday), winning with a new world record of three minutes, 51.659 seconds. The Great Britain Team were tipped as the favourites and confirmed this position in qualifying on Thursday when the team beat the world record for the first time.

Peter is only the second Manxman to have ever won a gold medal at an Olympic Games and Isle of Man Post Office wants to mark this magnificent success by painting the post box located outside Onchan Post Office jubilant gold.

Mike Kelly, Chief Executive, Isle of Man Post Office said: “We congratulate Peter and his team mates. He certainly did the Isle of Man proud. Royal Mail are painting a post box gold in the hometown of every gold medal winner and we don’t want Peter to be left out and therefore have chosen Onchan post box – the village where his family live in which to do this.  I’m sure many fellow islanders would agree when I say we are very proud of both Peter and fellow cycling star Mark Cavendish’s MBE efforts in the London 2012 Olympic Games – they’ve done a fantastic job.”

IOM Stamps Dot Tilbury Talks To Paul Moulton of MT TV About Our Olympic Stamps


Our very own Dot Tilbury talks about our Paul Smith London 2012 Olympic Games Stamp Opening/Closing Ceremony Issue with Paul Moulton of Manx Telecom TV. Please click on the image to view.Enjoy!