Sir Ranulph Fiennes Talk – An Overwhelming Success!

Sir Ranulph Signing FDC

Sir Ranulph Signing FDC

An evening with Sir Ranulph Fiennes OBE held on Tuesday, 2nd October 2012 was sponsored by Isle of Man Post Office was an overwhelming success. Organised by the Isle of Man Sporting and Dining Club, a packed audience at the Gaiety Theatre listened to the intrepid explorer’s autobiographical talk about the highs and lows of his career which has seen him undertake some awe-inspiring adventures.

Sir Ranulph does not shy away from a challenge and has parachuted onto Europe’s highest glacier, forced his way up 4,000 miles of the mightiest rivers of Canada and Alaska, trekked on foot and unsupported to the North Pole and undertaken the great Transglobe expedition in which Fiennes and his companion Charles Burton became the first men in history to reach both poles.

His fascinating talk was illustrated by photographs from his various expeditions along with facts and some astonishing tales. All delivered in an articulate, genial and entertaining manner.

The event also coincided with Isle of Man Stamps & Coins issuing a new set of stamps to commemorate the Centenary of Scott’s South Pole Expedition and the stamps were on sale for the very first time at the event. This is an expedition which Sir Ranulph is very passionate about and the stamp issue commemorates Captain Scott’s heroic expedition to the South Pole. Sir Ranulph, who is also a well established author having published 12 books, provided the commentary text to accompany the photographs which feature on the stamps.

Dot Tilbury, General Manager of Isle of Man Stamps & Coins said: “We are grateful for the uniquely qualified contribution of Sir Ranulph Fiennes and to the Scott Polar Research Institute for permission to feature the extraordinary photographs of Herbert Ponting which, in Sir Ranulph’s words, powerfully serve ‘to remind us all of the stark reality of the conditions faced by Scott and his men, the very first human beings to penetrate and learn about Antarctica on behalf of the whole of mankind.”

Talking about the stamp issue Sir Ranulph Fiennes said: “I am very pleased to be associated with this Isle of Man Post Office stamp issue dedicated to Captain Scott’s South Pole Expedition and the wonderful photography of Herbert Ponting. Ten years ago Scott’s reputation was not as it should be so I decided to set the record straight by writing a biography. I am delighted that my book is now followed by this stamp issue in this centenary year.”

The Coldest Journey

The Coldest Journey

At the beginning of December, Sir Ranulph will embark on a six-month expedition ‘The Coldest Journey on Earth’ in which he and five colleagues will attempt to cross Antarctica in winter with the aim of raising $10 million for the charity Seeing Is Believing.

Seeing Is Believing

Seeing Is Believing

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