Christmas Foreign Currency Winner


Gillian Cleasby of Colby was the lucky winner of the Christmas competition to win £500 worth of foreign currency. Mrs Cleasby chose to receive her prize in Euros and is pictured with Edwina Dugdale, Manager of Regent Street Post Office (left) and Marty Quine, General Manager Retail Network (right).

Mrs Cleasby said: “It was disbelief when I was told I had won. I’m never usually so lucky. I’m thrilled and we will be treating ourselves.”

Oh What A Night!

Aalin George / Dot Tilbury / Kirsten George

Sir Paul Smith’s Isle of Man 2012 London Olympic stamps launched on the first minute of January 2012 at the Regent Street Post Office in Douglas.

The O'Sheas Enjoy The Evening's Proceedings

Regent Street Post Office opened its doors on New Year’s Eve to launch the Isle of Man’s 2012 London Olympic stamps which are designed by Sir Paul Smith, the iconic British fashion designer and great friend of cyclist Mark Cavendish.

Policemen Paul Cubbon and Juan Killip

Dot Tilbury General Manager of IOM Stamp and Coins welcomed all the guests which included British National Archery champion Aalin George and her sister Kirsten, Olympian Marie Morgan (formerly Purvis) Tom Black (cycling) and Stewart Bennett (cycling training partner for paralympian Ian Sharpe) Red Cross chairman, Peter O’Shea who will be on first aid duty at the Games together with his daughter Sadhbh who is a volunteer at the Olympic cycling road races.
An enthusiastic crowd turned up to launch the stamps and the staff were kept going till 1.00am.

Stuart Bennett / MarieMorgan / Tom Black